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The customer is the fundamental part of the companies that collaborate with Ibercra.

One of the main difficulties for most security companies is to be able to attend to the customer in a personalised way with a 24/7 service. At Ibercra, we have solved this in a very efficient way thanks to our own 24/7 telephone service system for installers.

Ibercra manages your customers' calls out of hours in a personalised way, increasing its presence in front of the customer and transmitting an image of strength to the company.

24/7 service benefits.

All the information collected is channelled to your organisation in an orderly and immediate manner, giving you the possibility to respond quickly and efficiently to any circumstance that may arise.

Immediate response

For many customers, an immediate response that does not provide a solution is preferable to a two or three day later answer that solves the problem.

User satisfaction

Overall improvement in user satisfaction by providing timely and quick solutions to specific problems.

Company commitment to service

From the user’s point of view, a very convenient service that improves their assessment of the services received.

Personalised services of the highest quality and customer care.