Alarm Receiver Station
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RAIN is a technological platform in a secure environment that offers an unprecedented leap in quality to most ARS.

New, increasingly complex and expensive technologies appear every day. With this we achieve that the ARS have access to all the technology without having to worry about it, focusing on what is really important, their clients, looking for new new challenges, business paths and security solutions.

RAIN puts in the hands of the ARS the access to practically all the alarm systems on the market.

We have integrated all available CCTV systems.

All this is accompanied by additional services that complement the main service of a ARS.

Access to Boldnet Mobile
Control of schedules, openings and closings
Automated reports for the end customer
Personalized support 24h

The latest addition to RAIN has been a GPS Global Positioning System platform fully integrated into Manitou.

This allows us to offer services such as Fleet Management, Vehicle Location, Cargo Management, Personal Protection (VIP), Labour Protection, Teleservice or Gender Violence through various devices, including the Smartphone. All these services can work autonomously or with support from a ARS.

All this always in a secure environment such as a Tier-IV CPD.