Alarm Receiver Station
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Ibercra's Alarm Receiver Station is designed for the approved alarm installer.

We integrate all security systems on the market that are approved by the Ministry of Interior, In this way, the installation company is not limited when it comes to offering services to the end customer.

IBERCRA has been developing its DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) for years. Which makes it easier for us to respond immediately to a large range of threats.

Through our management software and a specialized team with extensive experience, we offer a wide variety of services tailored to the installer and his client.

Control of Openings and Closings
Bidirectional Maintenance
IBERDESK online work platform
24/7 personalised service
Fleet Control
Communication Control
Alarm reception
Verified Video Alarms
Itinerant Alarms
Video Analytics Management
National Assistance Service
Personal Protection and Teleservice

We cover all the needs that any client may present.