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We take care of computer security on all fronts.

Computer security is a topic is an issue of increasing concern, recent cyber attacks have put the security of many companies at risk. Ibercra cares about and values computer security to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, protect itself against intruders, prevent confidential, privileged information and personal data from reaching the hands of other people outside the organization and protect physical equipment.

The Installer companies have the reassurance that at Ibercra we give maximum importance to all the information we have about their customers, because the continuity of their business depends to a great extent on it.

The goal is to avoid financial losses and loss of information.

To this end, some standards or protocols are established within the computer security policy, such as, among many others:

Anti-virus installation
Limit network and internet access
Restrict software functions
Create user profiles
Set activity hours
Wireless network protection

In addition, there is a protocol when dealing with supply errors, failures, threats or theft, such as mechanisms to prevent the entry of intruders through firewalls or IPS.

The process of digital transformation that most companies are undergoing causes greater vulnerability and ease of attacks against computer security, simply using a computer.

Our computer security control or maintenance process begins with the identification of computer equipment and assets, the threats and vulnerabilities to which they are exposed and the impact that any failure or attack may have on the company. The objective is to reduce or avoid the risk that may lead to economic losses or resources for both Ibercra and its clients.

We take care of every detail related to cybersecurity.