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A benchmark in the Private Security sector.

IBERCRA is an Alarm Receiver Station approved exclusively for the reception of alarms at a national scope by the Ministry of Interior of Spain in 2008.

We were born with a very clear objective, to position ourselves as a benchmark for Private Security. Being aware of the magnitude of the project, we have strengthened ourselves by collaborating closely with other companies in the sector, specialized in a specific field, to be faithful to our philosophy of specialization as a path to service excellence. Thus, we are in a position to offer the client any product to cover their security needs.

We are committed to professionalism and talent.

Our team is made up of advisors from different areas: Managers, Technicians, Operators, Engineers and experts in generating the necessary solutions to offer our clients a tailored quality service, moving away from the established standards.

What differentiate us from the competition is that we focus exclusively on Alarm Receiver Station services.

Filling a gap in our sector.

We are convinced that we fill a gap in our sector, an Alarm Receiver Station specialised in service the installer, offering him a range of possibilities. Some of them are detailed below: 

We do not install security systems
Therefore, we are not a direct or indirect competition to any installer.
Increasing the possibilities of choice
We certify the largest manufacturers of standard IP communications protocols.
Support system 24/7
All our clients could contact us at any moment, with the added value it entails for their company.
We offer the best solutions for installers.
We provide web Receiver service
With this service, they can access our control centre to check any data we have from their clients
A really competitive price rate
We offer the best offer for installers through agreements with important telephone operators of the country.
Comprehensive CCTV management solution
We have approved a wide range of Video IP reception systems in order to meet the high demand.
Iberdesk, a system built to grow.

We make our IBERDESK system available to the installer, a tool which will allow them to know immediately, through the Web or APP, any incident received at the Receiver Station in reference to their clients (breakdowns, incidents, budgets…), which they can manage as they see fit, optimizing response time, as well as making the most of your HR. 

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Solid values and principles, forged through our extensive experience.

We have been forging values and principles over the years that are transmitted to all staff in order to achieve their commitment, participation and integration into the company culture. 

We have implemented a quality management system, formulating our quality policy and our commitment to our stakeholders. We have elaborated a strategic plan, as well as the ‘IBERCRA Management Model’ document, in which we included our business principles: mission, vision, values, and behavior guidelines. 


“We are in the Security business to meet the needs of customers, taking into account the society in which we find ourselves.”


“We want to be leaders in the Security sector, in its Alarm Receiver Station section, in quality, service, trust and innovation, satisfaying the clients expectations, respecting our company model and assuming our social responsibility.”


IBERCRA develops its Vision through some fundamental principles (behavior guidelines) or values that must endure throughout its existence, and that must serve as a differentiating element from its competition:

Seriousness and credibility of the company
The employee in the company as an essential part of it
Legal compliance
Transparency towards interested external parties
Professionalism and training
The company's social meaning